Cleaning Cat Urine From Carpet With Baking Soda


The mist will not kill fleas but it will kill the eggs. Another method to trap earwigs is to take a shallow, straight-sided container and fill it half full with vegetable oil. For more information about purchasing urine repellent paint for your business, or to be connected with one of our coating partners to complete your project, contact us. First, make sure there's nothing physically wrong. These thermal cameras dectect the infrared light and create a false-color image that humans can see. I assume the cushions are ruined. " clean thoroughly with a liquid enzyme cleaner or vinegar. On occasion, your veterinarian may note a heart murmur, or abnormal sound, when listening to your cat’s heart. When the bladder becomes ruptured, urine will pool in the abdomen of your cat. I now have 9 plants that are 5-6 feet tall.

  it doesn’t have to be perfect, because it is all going to be covered with the cushions. I just wondered what i can do to discourage her spraying. Episode 7 - gotham feral cats. No matter whether or not you know norse mythology, the expression tends to make sense in light of the tumultuous relationships cats and dogs typically have. They no longer have to work for their food and are much more sedentary than their outside counterparts. A siamese cat health problem.

So if there are so many animals out there and roughly 1,100 are born every day. Do this and your pimples will be gone in no time. I don't understand people who think it's okay for their cat to walk on urine soaked paper, pine, crystals or whatever. Proper cat dental care is just as important as making sure your pretty kitty gets plenty of exercise and a well-balanced diet. Most elastomeric systems require a primer plus a base coat and a final coat as well.

I have found a few new options that help. There was a special on the discovery channel, and i remember watching the footage in awe: our first look at a living giant squid. The drug "zeuterin" (zinc gluconate and l-arginine) is injected (ok, guys, brace yourselves) directly into the testicles (the dog's, not yours so get a grip--so to speak). Both children are very good but one cat is clearly petrified of them and bolts for cover constantly and has broken things in his haste to get away. The stove top is competitive. ” this concern about disease doesn’t even take into account other threats, such as ingesting poisons, getting hit by a car, running into neighbors who hate cats and more.

We were considering putting him to sleep, too, mostly my mother's idea, but finally we decided to try to find him a home, and be completely honest about his problem. 
please if your pet has kidney disease give this product a try. I knew it was my favorite laundry soap but i had no idea how powerful it could be.   many brands use a carbohydrate as the primary ingredient. I always take my trump à la carte. Although if cornmeal will work i think it’s cheaper, and safer around kids and pets.

A friend told me to put orange peel near the cat flap. But i must also say, not all cats are prone to mega-colon. How do you remove dog urine outdoors in the dirt or grass. Advantage of these dual feeding bowls is that one cat bowl can hold dry. It is important to be treated right away to avoid rapid deterioration of your condition.

  in fact, ticks are responsible for at least ten different known diseases in the us, including rocky mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, erlichiosis and of course, lyme disease. Cancer should be set up with strong dosage, continuously, and with. So, trust your nose and sniff around. When a dog eats a meal, the protein in the food is metabolized. All you have to do is pay attention to the signs. I've made the litter more appealing and the house-soiling areas less appealing but the cat continues to eliminate in inappropriate areas. She’s been in this same spot before. They were all clear but he said she had a new bone developing near her bladder.

Do not over-dress your newborn. I love my animals but i would not put up with that, if there was a medical reason that's one thing but this has been going on to long and things aren't going to change. For tough stains, leave a fresh stack of paper towels on top of the stain and place a heavy item like a weighted trash can over it. He takes her to a cat named mapleshade, who orders thistleclaw and another cat named houndleap to fight, bewildering spottedpaw. Homemade mosquito repellent – 5 natural solutions. It's much less expensive and it’s hot which keeps the line clean and it dries faster as well.

Before, she was never a very loving type of cat, but she always wanted to be around me. 027% w/v and piperonyl butoxide 1. This is actually a physiological necessity. * the figures for girls were lower but showed a similar trend, at 25.   if you have not used a black light to find all the urine, then you should invest in one. American journal of public health are just some of the journals reporting associations between agricultural pesticides and birth defects, pregnancy complications, and miscarriage. The blame for a rape lies solely with the rapist. Are the best at this advanced stage in their acquaintance. It is alright to touch my shoes, floor, cat, washer/dryer, clothing, car, sit on the floor, chairs, and touch other objects (paper, shower) without ending up having cat urine on my hands or clothing.

Next take your dog on an extra-long walk so they are well exercised. Just like humans, cats need to have some physical activity to stay healthy. I'm worried this can't be good for him - and he has plenty of bones and toys of his own. Seth bullock: meaning what, "yankton's making its move". It doesn't matter what type of pet odor. Journal, yet seemingly well-researched)  gives more details. Seriously about disposal, i would burn it. And just a few months ago, i headed down to the cellar only to see scrabble coming slowly up the steps toward me. It's easy to find guides for how to massage your dog to help calm her.

And every 4-5 hours the second week. This all started after we had a foster cat in our house for a little while. Hold the contraction for five seconds, and then relax for five seconds. This last couple weeks i have been in a ton of constant pain. I guess i panicked a bit when some one told me is was not normal for a catnot to drink.

Of course, some will argue. We purchased a cat door for big cats (the vet guesses cheetah is at least part maine coon which means we could end up with a pretty large cat when she’s full grown) that would accommodate the thin side panel of the pax. Fleas are irritating pests to deal with, and treating an infestation usually involves double duty: treating your pets and your home or yard. One employee thought he had the answer. Let me put it to you this way, how would you feel if someone came in and removed all of your toilets.

Unless marked otherwise, all items are in stock and ready to ship. Lastly there is the simple fact that adults tend not to be afraid of the dark and additionally are much more aware of where their limit for. Once we arrived, we were talked down to, and treated like we didn’t know what we were talking about. It will also give you a chance to see the way the cats are raised, and if you approve of the cattery and the cats. A chemical reaction that is 100% efficient must be a rare bird. For many people, the litter box is the worst of part of owning a.

I took an antihistamine on saturday night and about 10 mins later all my symptoms disappeared almost like someone turning a switch off. Yes, "the black death" (the plague) is alive and well today and being spread by people's cats this time around. I adopted her (foxy) last december as a 4 mo. The after market treatment doesn't work. Just regarding things are all protected from male cat spraying, as well as female cat spraying to training your cat to work with the litter box appropriately.

The prohibition of caged civets is specifically singled out in the san guidelines for coffee in indonesia. It’s common to experience diarrhea every now and then. This is where enzymes from microbial or plant origin can be a real advantage because they are stable and active throughout a broad ph range, from about 3. Usually, the stones irritate your female cat's bladder, causing her to pee blood. Will this new environment, back on the property, be suitable. Just as a raving madman, when nothing else. She’ll wander out once she gets hungry or needs to use the litter box.

Mulan ii, shang walks away and yao asks mulan, "what's his problem.   so i headed back in with my now very cold safety glasses and proceeded to work myself back into a sweat. Unfamiliar with acid/base extractions, please review the sticky. , and drupe, despite the fact that she's already standing near her own friends. Kittens from six weeks may safely be treated with program oral suspension.

Neutering did help but honestly. Essential oil also works as an antibacterial as well, which is helpful if your pet has an accident. If this is not enough to loosen the. The rare medicinal herbs like the neem, the gooseberry, aswagandha, sarpagandhi that our ancestors discovered have amazed the western scientists. Do this, it really truly, 100% works. If the cat runs out, grabs a mouthful of food and disappears back into the cave to eat, it is almost certainly nervous and i am moving too quickly for it. I had a cat like that and still have a ferret who stinks up the blanket in his cage. To keep your cat’s life from getting boring, provide lots of.

5 oz) apple cider vinegar into the spray bottle.

Cleaning Cat Urine From Carpet With Baking Soda

Although distressed, kushi was determined to not let the village fall to orochi and prepared to face orochi herself, intending to poison him with her thunder brew, a powerful sake made from the same holy water as 8 purification sake. Even cats in good health and in the prime of their life are apt to vomit now and again, and surprisingly, this is not always a sign of sickness. Now, let me show you how to do so. Q: my husband and i adopted a kitten a few months ago, and now that the warmer weather is coming we need some help cat-proofing the apartment in a new way. What can cause you to urinate ten times a day.

Mention goes to tidy cats crystals. And if you want to check out this latest dating game, you might find other people there who are as curious-minded as you — and have a good sense of humor. Under laws regarding the spread of an animal that could possibly. Along with the frass, the young ingest some microbes, which then set up shop in their guts. Legitimately removing pet urine odor in heating vents. If you're unsure, skip this ingredient. Different varieties of peppers can be ground into powder.

However, if you have an older rat (over 3 years of age), i would be leaning towards cancer of the urinary system that may not be treatable. They are pinkinsh (same as her surrounding skin) in color. Within this time, every emerging adult flea is killed. He must not only be an. In addition, they'll need to be checked and vaccinated by a veterinarian before putting them up for sale. But usually, if a doctor confirms that you do have cat allergies, then the #1 solution would be to simply not have any contact with cats. Check the vents when the fan isn't running. Baking powder & baking soda shelf life. The device does not emit any harmful chemicals or poisons so you can be well assured that it is quite safe to use around your house.

As air in your home is warmed, convection sends it upwards, where it exits through your attic and the upper levels of the building. What is a home remedy for bigger breasts. I don't rub out commercial work. If you want to get rid of flea infestation in your home, you need to invest in high-quality products. Here’s the next thing to consider: are all your cats spayed or neutered. This smell is hard to remove, as male cats mark their territory with a special odorous secretion. Sure, people nowadays will do a subtle eyeliner flick, but it's time to bring back the thick cat eye. First we have cleaning cat urine out of both carpet and upholstery using not much more than water, white vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. “you should learn basic preparations before cleaning persian rugs” .

Some cats are naturally more fearful than others. They get into the craziest stuff, and i'm convinced they egg each other on to do it. Typically, when you feel a lot of scabs around a cat's neck, it is typically flea related. Cats are stored in large plastic bags within a solution of. They were driving out of the woods in the middle of no where and asked if i wanted to go "chill by the fire. The trick is to get the inside of your hood hotter than your head.

Another pepper spraying at north carolina walmart. Hospital smell, which may indicate ether. Keep doing that on a regular basis and you will see the number of fleas significantly reducing. Opting for an au naturale cat food such as hypoallergenic or grain free means that their digestive system should be ship, shape and shiny.   after doing this two or three time, the potency of urine within the mattress will be steadily lowered.

For those who take pride in a well-groomed garden or have children playing in their yards, neighborhood cats can sometimes be an annoyance. Flea eggs take anywhere from.   it won’t cover your whole garden, but it will certainly keep cats out of the area it can reach. If a blockage does occur (very frequent trips to the litter pan, howling when attempting to urinate, straining without visible urination and rapidly becoming lethargic are all signs that a blockage might be present. This is very risky because at the moment both the trap door and cage door are open, all the cat has to do is exit the trap, twist around and take off. Because it is a form of protections against humans.

It is difficult to tell if an adult female cat has been surgically altered. Heck, we’ve even had kids puke in the car as we drove home from a church activity and another time as we drove to a taco bell in town.   he moved us to his mountaintop and none of us have ever looked back. Well, the first couple of day son cbd canna oil were a miracle to me. When a skunk is  threatened, it first tries to run away from the predator. I will begin with the fact that difference between rolled on and sprayed on product is huge. ” cats don’t resolve their issues through fighting, and the fighting usually just gets worse. Urine and stool what are possible dx. The exact composition varies by grass variety. Cat caretaker side: most of the time, the cat caretaker  did not create the stray cat problem; rather, compassion toward animals prompted him/her to begin feeding hungry strays.

Why seniors “let themselves go”. I ran to see what she was doing. It is recommended that a hooded litter box, like the litterhouse cat litter box, be used in homes with cats and dogs. Not so comfortable for the cat when trying to dig in the soil. Unfortunately in the month that passed between when i did the test and when i sat down to do the tights (the day before the event), i completely forgot how i had applied the dye, how long i left it, how much i had diluted it. Cats that made that watergate thing go spoiled. [48] carrying bear spray in public, without justification, may also lead to charges under the criminal code. I applaud your efforts to help people see the light. I started with the cabinets and cleaned the cabinet doors. But some litter box problems stem from feline feelings with which it is hard to identify.

Once cockroaches enter the jars, they should not be able to escape. Rabbits need at least 3 hours of socializing daily : including cuddling, playing, exercising, even just hanging out with you is good -- in moderation. You used to only be able to buy it at commercial supply houses (and it wasn't cheap, either. I haven't heard of this but i would definately get a second opion soupie. Anyways, i am a clean freak so, it really ticked me off when i found out what was going on. Both are in their late 20s in this picture. Tackle stains immediately – or as soon as possible – after they’ve happened.

  i had showered, but was still getting some of last nights spray on my wrist whenever it was near to my face. Cats may require several days of treatment in the veterinary clinic before slowly recovering. Some people think cats pee where they shouldn’t because they’re “pissed off,” so to speak. If you don’t carry peppermint oil with you, you should start as soon as you can. Removing metastases can relieve pain and other symptoms for a while, but it does not prolong survival. You can get a pack of this ant bait gel around $22. Again, seek a product line that has small ultramicrofibers in their products to reach into microscopic nooks, crannies and crevices on your floors, countertops, furniture and other surfaces to remove everything bacteria wise in your path when cleaning. *to mark their territory by leaving both a visual mark and a scent—they have scent glands on their paws. He is really a lover, not a fighter; but he used to get into horrible fights with another cat in the neighborhood. He used to bulge at his sides which everyone thought was weird and now he looks like a normal sized cat, even the skin that stretched around the bulges is sagging a little) this new vet took the time to make sure he was ok.

New york times article below (click on screenshot), a letter from someone called “whitey” inspired a discussion by cheryl strayed, bestselling author of . For metal pipes and cables, this is often done with electromagnetic equipment consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. If you sit on the bed as an improvised chair, you are on your own. Clinical behavioral medicine for small animals. Cat spraying no more truly never disappoints so why not get it today and be part of its long success story. The litter gets stuck under the surface, and you can't actually see how nasty and germ spreading the mat actually is. It will reak like vinegar but you will see the pee color lifting off. 8 percent of abnormal masses involve this form of cancer.

I have shifted to using 409 spray cleaner for most bug problems, it melts ants and knocks down wasps to where you can crush then with ease. They also attract rodents and insects. The best ways to clean cat urine are by using baking soda, by using mild and liquid detergent, by using water with lemon juice, by cleaning the carpet right after the cat urinated and by dabbing the area with a damp towel to suck the urine away from the carpet. Comfort is key here and if your cat is relaxed he or she will be much less likely to spray. Punchy for sending in some great numbers, and to everyone that was involved and listened live on mixlr.

She reveals that nicole and yuki were childhood friends, and studied martial arts together under yuki's father. Natural deterrents can include the use of diatomaceous earth (available at garden centers) and/or beneficial nematodes. This inexpensive miracle product is by far the best at tackling tough cat-related odors. Allergies or other infections may be causing your dog to lick himself. Cinerea is generally wished for the production of botrytized wines, such as. A brochure published by merial states, “when applied, frontline moves from the point of application (within 24 hours) to the oil glands all over the pet’s skin. This will prevent the tree from drying out faster and forte says if your home runs on the dry side you should try a humidifier. Many were even high ranked professionals. When using the black light urine detector, the room should be as dark as possible.

( i got mine at a yard sale for fifty cents). I even have chanel coco edt and am meh with it. It will not only do no good, it will actually cause him greater stress. Anyway i hope you get your answer.   as suggested in the studies, urine granules and other repellents should be used in conjunction with strategic plant selection. The type that affects dogs is called brucella canis. If your pee does not change color in two to three day call your doctor. We can recommend the sonny and honey pet stain and odor miracle spray bottle. Someone in my neighborhood contacted me stating they had a cat who had.

One of the most widely used determines the level of creatinine in your urine. I have found providing different forms of stimulation helps to ease boredom. Clean surfaces with dilute bleach (one pint of bleach in one gallon of water). Id be like hey do have any cologn oh cool lets check it out oooooo this smells good here put this on everytime i see you u will smell awesome. They are so friendly that you can even exercise with them. If on the other hand you are talking about a white film or deposit at the water line it is most likely calcium or another hard water deposit.

She exhibited several symptoms, including lethargy and resistance to using her litter box.

How To Clean Cat Urine From Carpet With Vinegar And Baking Soda

And, of course, take care if spraying around delicate upholstery or fabrics. The first thing to rule out is medical issues. Someone used the bathroom, the toilet backed up and flooded the floor with sewage. It could be any number of things, from a new piece of furniture they don't like to a crazy squirrel tapping at the window. Get rid of cat urine smell in carpet ,do you want to solve it.

Don't waste your money on dog odor removal products that will only clean the surface stain and mask the deeper odors where they will wait until they are released by unsuspecting house guests who steps on the embedded crystals and is engulfed by a wave of noxious odor. An issue to keep in mind is that rat poison can have a toxic effect on mammals such as cats and dogs, as well as humans. Do amorphous solids have crystal structures. “he’s the only good thing i got out of the dope game,” carter said. A little hissing is normal but anything over that like excessive hissing or growling means they aren’t ready for this step yet. Not only do sugary drinks contribute to obesity and diabetes, they may also increase your risk of endometrial cancer.

Then if she really feels good she goes into the litter box and then her paws are caked with litter , and all over my floor. When your pet’s teeth are not brushed regularly they are prone to plaque and tartar formation, which causes bad breath. Lemongrass is the common name for upwards of 45 different varieties of plant in the. And don’t think any of the dusts will work better then the sprays; dusts just don’t impact eggs or pupae like the sprays so they just don’t work as well. Some gardeners like to spray some bacon grease around the garden because it discourages rabbits from coming in.

My cat must have had lessons from miss manners. How to clean cat urine 8 steps (with pictures) wikihow. Move the litter box to a new location if necessary. Folliculitis, skin fold dermatitis, and impetigo (superficial pustular pyoderma). In fact, about 30% of felv infected cats carry the virus latently, and do not even develop feline leukemia. A very small amount of corned beef once in a while probably won't harm a ferret, but it certainly won't do them any good either and so is probably best avoided altogether. I’m not sure how i know this. If you have found a raccoon latrine near your home, cleaning the area may prevent possible infection. Once you understand what a cat flea treatment does and how it works, along with how the flea life cycle works, you will be way ahead when it comes to battling fleas. If you're going to neuter, don't do it before your dog's reproductive hormones have had time to do their valuable work.

Of table salt in 8 oz. Cats like wide bowls, they don't like having their sensitive whiskers touching the sides. I want my money back. Any fertilizer after mid-summer can set rhododendron & azaleas way back. I dont know what it has in it, but cats are attracted to it and it totally worked in getting my cat to use the cat box, no matter where it was. Make your cat happy x. Atlanta magazine that while this one has flavors of gooseberry, it also smells like cat urine. Hitting does not teach a cat what is expected of him and does not encourage him to trust people or their hands.   there’s nothing like an allergy-free cat.

Can humans die from wasp spray.  those are just a few things, my mom has witnessed in her decades of being in the animal welfare field. Where to place cages in the home. That’s because it clumps extremely well and is a power player in odor control. In a particularly touching account, one passenger, 50-year old ann elizabeth isham, was said to have visited her great dane in the ship’s kennels daily. We've been battling renal failure, and the crystals, kitty kidney flower essence, filtered water, acupressure, and prayer are dropping her creatine levels dramatically. This was insanely hard as i would normaly have at least 5 cups a day.

Automotive air conditioning evaporators typically live in a box under the dashboard along with heater cores. I just wanted to express my thanks. Potential volunteers can be found by: working with other local feral cat groups and colony caregivers; returning calls from the public about feral cats; and recruiting through your public education efforts. To start with, make sure to keep pets out of your bedroom. “you were my sixth-child, aleena. I also take vitamin d & k2.

Would highly recommend this to any cat owner. Do siamese cats like calico cats. I had her for 10years. Shampoo on your cat most of the time. Practice "nothing in life is free" with your dog (see our handout: "nothing in life is free").

My point here, is that some trial and error may be involved in finding the right cat deterrent, and that some things might work… just not in the way you intended. Baby carrots and grape tomatoes are their favorites, and they'll argue over whose carrot jackie is eating more of. Spaying and neutering can improve rabbit behavior tremendously when the rabbits do not have to fight with hormonal frustrations. A few messes in the dining room. Urinating outside of a clean litter box is often a sign of a urinary tract infection or cystosis or other health problems. I put it back in his bed and he had peed on it 2 minutes later. Then you'll want to add some scents that cats don't like. However, today the smell was in my room.

Mix one tbsp of vodka in a bottle of water. Cat urine can be removed from carpet using vinegar, baking soda, enzyme cleaner or hydrogen peroxide, according to animal planet. Rodenticides are highly toxic and any such poisons designed to. Cat nip was the solution. Making homemade rabbit repellent is a simple, yet effective way to keep rabbits out of your garden. 2) restless leg  syndrome  3 ) severe pain between my  groin and neck. After the vinegar and water mixture is dry, use a baking soda mixture with water, adding dish or laundry soap if desired for an extra clean smell, and work into the carpet liberally to remove cat urine stains from carpet. And don’t forget to line the bottom of the cage with some pine straw or something else that’s around the set location to cover the metal wire. Do tampons cause burning while urinating.

In addition to the above celebs it has been reported that nicole richie, paris hilton, laila ali, lord archer, jonathan ross, kevin bacon are all bengal cat owners. Every cat is an individual with its own personality and each home environment to which a cat belongs is different so each situation can only be judged on its own merits. The waiter has just delivered a wonderful beer: uerige alt. Sometimes they enjoy catching bugs and chasing each other outside, often zooming around at full speed, which is great exercise for them. However, if you have carpet, it gets a bit harder. It might be that your cat is quite active.

Mabe they just got harrassed by a dog. My cat banjo has had a rough week, and presently is in critical condition. Oh and i loved your blogs on cat food. Comfortable padded seat - the equipment has an ergonomically designed saddle furnished with comfortable high-density foam. 'the most advanced cat flap ever'. If you are providing covered trays make sure they're tall enough for an adult cat to squat upright comfortably as they do when defecating. Romeo is a bonafide “pee cat. If you are inspecting a tree before cutting it, or harvesting balsam fir brush for a christmas wreath, take special care to check for bare spots in the brush. Cos you're gonna break me, dan.

Unfortunately, as accommodating as your mattress seems to this kind of fun, it is terrible for the health of your mattress, box spring, and bed frame. How long do you wait before spaying and neutering dogs and cats. If the cats in question involve your neighbors, we recommend that you discuss tnr and its long term benefits before you begin. Even if the dogs were separated for a day, they would greet each other, gonzalo says, “as if they hadn’t met for three weeks”. 38 special firearms will not chamber.

I've heard uti's can cause them to have accidents but what is bothering me more is him squatting next to me and doing it. How old does a kitten need to be before it can go out side. Aloe vera has a healing effect on burnt, wounded, irritated and damaged skin. I cannot find it anymore but it was the best. You never spank a cat or 'rub its nose in it'. I think there are a lot of variables here that could be contributing to you not seeing much of an effect.

Mice dribble urine as they travel along. Buninyong circuits in the city of ballarat. The application that wants access to your camera or microphone). Clean up and remove animal feces, animal urine, bird poop, and items effected by animals. The brilliantpad folks provide a lot of training guidance and tips.

Because they are accustomed to being hunted, they have incredible survival instincts and built in senses that enable them to survive in their predator / prey world. However, in worse situations, replacing the rugs maybe necessary as well. Read on to see what works for our readers. What ever your walk of life, put on a pair of comfortable shoes, mix your favorite drink and a listen to this week's episode. One option is to use a potpourri dish. Stinging pain: if you experience pain upon peeing it could be that you have an infection or have kidney stones. In situations of overexcitement (a new dog next door setting off the other male) we could count on having to intervene in a biting event by forcefully separating him from the more submissive male.

While preventing unwanted kittens is important, there are other benefits to this simple surgery. This is a gorgeous spongy feeling moss. I love the serval and savannah cats. Is there anything i can do that will protect my cats (i use revolution now) while on the porch or to let them out (not at dawn or dusk). But if you choose store-bought food, check the label to insure that the ingredient list consists of whole ingredients such as "chicken", rather than "chicken by-products". We knew immediately that we would feed chouli the best of the best. You may need medicine to keep you asleep or numb an area of your body during surgery. Seems she got it in her mouth, so i've fed her some ketchup with the diced chicken.

Pain or burning sensation in the genitalia, especially when urinating, during intercourse and when ejaculating (men). Stuff the foul paper into the downward-pointing nozzle of an electric hand-dryer. You are most susceptible to a bacterial infection about seven to 12 days after your. Well i got a cat and it just went and use the little box by itself without me teaching him. I understand the feeling and the annoyance this can bring to a cat owner. Bob and i looked up just in time to see our baby rolling down the hill toward the river.