Best Cat Litter For Urine Odor


If this happens, soak your stained jeans in cool water and then wash with heavy-duty liquid laundry soap so that most of the excess paint runs off. Suddenly, the vampire was awake, and on guard. With two cats, especially if one is a bit fussy about his box, having a second could have completely prevented this problem and could eliminate the issue in the future.   freedom spray has long lasting action and kills fleas for up to 3 months and ticks for one month. I bought him the biggest covered pan on the market and he found a way to pee between the top and the bottom. For children with mental and physical disabilities (attended by jimmy. Don't miss the ear swab with it, and a throat gargle. How do you organize your polish and where do you do your painting. In the case of a savannah, it indicates studs and queens for the last three generations have been savannahs in an sbt savannah's pedigree.

best cat litter for urine odor
best cat litter for urine odor

I told my children i would need to re home him if we couldn't get him retrained. Step 4: check the fit of the lid. It takes just a very small amount of salt to create the characteristic glow. Pto for a front blower. (they have steel toes and are the perfect height but now they stink. There are several types of mole - green, red, black - each has a different flavor and a different list of ingredients. Interestingly enough the pain is usually worse in the morning, and if i ignore it as best i can, it subsides.

best cat litter for urine odor
best cat litter for urine odor

Defendex™ is here to help you naturally wash away fleas, mange and scabies (and their eggs. I love cats too - i have had cats all my adult life and have 5 cats at present, (all rescues). While i am indeed embarrassed about the situation, i almost feel like there’s nothing i can do about it. Once the remodel was completed we let them pick their own territory in the house. Symptoms of parasites in cats: a number of intestinal parasites will produce no.   i snuggled into the bed with him for the rest of the night, not sleeping much for worrying about him. This is why it is especially important to have your carpet deep cleaned if it has been soiled by your pets. Just two teaspoons of whisky can cause a coma in a 5-pound cat, and one more teaspoon could kill it.

best cat litter for urine odor
best cat litter for urine odor

Many come with a carpet attachment that will move across the carpet fibers. Highly stressed cats can manifest destructive behavior as well. Generally timid and anxious) and began “anointing” it. This dilution is powerful enough to deal with fleas and ticks. We use the most updated technology possible to protect your privacy and discretion. Attack on titan is prone to this kind of snark.

best cat litter for urine odor
best cat litter for urine odor

Could eating ghost peppers cause your demise. Apart from staying power i am in love with these little cute bottles. Get yourself mission ready we are going to land in half an hour. Call quietly for the cat, using a gentle voice. I had a rectal exam two weeks ago, so i don’t think i have hemorrhoids. ) but right now, you're coming off like you are trying to present yourself as an authority on these subjects, and i think it is misleading and irresponsible to do so.

best cat litter for urine odor
best cat litter for urine odor

Cat urine removalby the way, one of the best things you can do to help cut down on odors associated with the litter box while decreasing the possibility of "accidents" is to keep the cat pan clean. It does not make any sense, lots of places in the world have nude beaches and nothing seems to happen to them. I found out that it's because i didn't have a variety of boxes (now i have a covered box and the three other boxes are behind furniture and doors in different rooms). I think he is a little kinder that i am. Even the best trained cats will occasionally miss the litterbox, and cat urine odors are tough to get rid.

best cat litter for urine odor
best cat litter for urine odor

A common marker for these little vampires is the presence of flea dirt. Are you seeing any blood in her urine. All you need to know before buying a great flea treatment for dogs. It really cleans, it gets warm when you put it on and the beads get rid of any dead skin. Altered she is likely to put on the pounds. It's the right thing to do - are you doing the right thing. Out and get the fresh are and exercise he needs; the exercise he.

This is a special e-book packed with information on how to take care of your pet so that it remains healthy, happy and joyful.   insurance, handling and transportation charges are the responsibility of the customer. As most people so far have said if it's a recent thing then most likely something is upsetting the poor cat. As a small animal veterinarian, cats not urinating in their litter box is one of the most frustrating problems i see, but more for my clients and their cats. Like any craft is subjective and sometimes depends on other market factors, such as small production or transportation charges and / or import tariffs.

We have put one of our girls on amitriptyline (she definitely has anxiety, and it was affecting her bladder as well as causing mowing). Origin: the ‘stops’ are knobs on an organ console. What part of the cat are humans allergic too. These cat scratch guards really work. The term is generally used when the infection is found on skin areas other than the feet. How many times should a man urinate. Thanks for your advice, good to know neutering should help with the aggression. Through a friend i found a regular vet who seemed open minded about working with my homeopathic vet.

I'm totally in agreement with everyone else saying that the way to deal with this is to treat your underlying mental health.   for additional information, please see this brochure. Magical morgana is a wonderful girl. From a nervous newfoundland to a destructive dachshund, this pheromone calming spray can help. A cat likely won't feel the need to mark if she smells pheromones in the air. He or she may treat it with antibiotics right away while waiting for test results. Male cats are not spayed through the abdomen. If the odor is intensely strong, it will not remove it entirely. "life beats us down and crushes the soul. If you buy a bottle, best to finish it within 24 hours.

In short, dandelion is a very good whole body tonic. How to pass a drug test in 24 hours, it is important to consider these three questions before making a choice on how to proceed. The success of treating urine damaged carpet depends on the professionalism of the carpet cleaner. I would highly recommend making shipalmostanything. Make an effort to purchase certified organic almond oil. If you are going to use the baby shampoo make sure you follow it up with frontline or some other flea/tick deterrent. The window was covered with bluebottles, so i phoned pest control guy who sprayed the floor and walls, and it did the trick, now i am really paranoid about any little speck i see on the floors of my house. Pepper, on the other hand, would have to make its way into the eyes, the mouth or the nose of the foe to be truly effective.

A goodsurfactant, like genesis 950 will also disinfect and kill bacteria. I generally wouldn't rehome with existing adult cats, but it depends on the cats involved, it can work out. Saves you 50% on cat litter. Dehydrated and toxins and waste products build up in the blood, which. Kidney disease clinical trials seeking feline participants. In terms of weight, they are identical to f3 savannahs at around 13-19 pounds. Cure for pet mange by using one of our complete.

There is a shocking pissy smell in the front room. How long marijuana in urine if you have stopped. I just figured this was a pretty. Mhs dogs have star power. The best way to detect internal parasites is to take a small fecal sample from your dog into your vet to be checked out.

Stress can make a cat sick, and cause him to get a uti or crystals in his urine. Apply dawn dish soap to sliding glass doors, door knobs, hinges etc. A physical examination (including rectal & scrotal examination). Cat, having its pee all over your house will make it stink, not to mention all the effort and money you spend for cleaning your furniture. Cats pee where they feel safe. It sounds like you haven’t really done any research or experimentation and are going off claims you may have heard elsewhere to write this blog post. Tnr is the best option available.

You will need to urinate a small amount into the toilet, and then stop the flow of urine. Even so, they remain relatively inexpensive and are worth a try. Altered adult cats are usually the best choice for families and busy adults, as kittens need a lot of time and attention and are destructive in their play, often scratching and climbing furniture and curtains. The crowd from the back was banging. Far better than nature’s miracle. If the cause of a cat's urinary tract problems can't be identified, stress in the household should be addressed. I'v read to try using baking soda and then adding water and making a paste, well. Sol-u-mel® goes to work and neatly cleans it out of the carpet. I did 2 of each print.

The goal of this article is to explain some of the common, active ingredients listed on the labels of various shampoos, dips, sprays, powders, foggers, etc.   now this diminutive of the ancient roman name julia, made most famous by shakespeare, is at number 238 and likely to enter the top 50 in a handful of years. Not to be confused with eschewing the litter pan, spraying is a ritual of territorial marking that cats sometimes do whether they are spayed or neutered -- as shadow is -- or not. Please bruce, show the whole thread why dont you, let it be an advert for you. One problem that always contributes to a rookie owner is just a problem that often makes the brand new owner most of the trouble. You should change your litter at least every few weeks, unless it gets too dirty more quickly than that. This test helps evaluate your body's water balance and urine concentration.

Best Cat Litter For Urine Odor Control

- if you 2 or more cats, then you might need more than one litter box. These stones can become so numerous that they can fill the bladder in some cases, resulting in the need for surgical removal. From there, it settles to a pretty linear trajectory. There are a wide variety of odor eliminators on the market, so you may have to do some trial and error before you find a product that works for you. What are your ideas for the best halloween costumes this year. My cats were still having problems, so i attached a cd case to the underside of the amber tray and only left about 25% of the hole showing.

Bit like i do with my birds. Brush or vacuum to remove the dry material. The official name is “normal saline” or isotonic saline which is 0. Caused by the pituitary gland's failure to produce adh, a hormone that concentrates urine, you'd be surprised how many vets never consider it and don't know much about it.  simply trapping cats to eradicate/euthanize is not the answer - it is only a matter of time before new cats will move in. I waited 1 year before getting a second dog, because i wanted some alone time to bond with my shiba. Yet despite these drawbacks, users are overwhelmingly positive about this bug spray. They called my vet the day of my dogs exam to get the rx to me as soon as possible. I also felt a huge, gaseous (spelling.

Never heard of it, their site says its an oil finish, so dont be stumped – oil finishes are not very hard and a poor choice for a dining table esp with young kids. Or does it have to be an exotic.  i have been eyeballing this recipe for a long time now from one of my favorite vegan foodie blogs bjorkedoff (please come back evan. (before yd i did not know what was wrong with my older cat and they both roam the house. Plus, cats prefer to hunt at night, so the kittens will be practising to hunt each other. Often other common pet behavioral programs put all cats into the same behavioral "box", all cats act like all cats.

I don't know why, but they do. |and she was shot in the head. It is time for your old and traditional litter box with enclosure to go to the thrash. Our main problem has been body static as well as tail snappers. When your cat uses the litter box, they know they are vulnerable to attack. There are numerous products on the market that neutralize cat urine, but our favorites are: anti-icky poo, urine off, urine away, and fizzion. And larger until it's completely open to the toilet. The baby is probably the cause as cats don't like change, and there is a lot of change with a new baby in the household. The disease essentially remains in remission, then the kitty will start to show symptoms, she explained.

I would also say feed only wet food and add like 1 to 2 f/o on it. After the area is treated, you. Made of sturdy plastic, the ourpets tub would do better shoved in a crowded pantry than our top pick’s flimsier plastic tub. We have 2 litter boxes in 2 different places and but they have always been in the same places. These ingredients are distributed all over your cat for eight continuous months. This is also a way to keep your pet cat safe if he or she likes to bite on cables. Super tuesday, i’m in the door. It is advisable to talk things over with an experienced breeder or veterinary surgeon before breeding from your bitch. This is more common in dogs than cats.

Kidney disease and bladder stones can also cause pain or blockages that prevent normal urination, resulting in cats urinating outside the litter box because they can’t control normal function or avoiding the litter box because they associate it with the pain. Friend is allergic to cat dander from furniture and my cat is gone. Known to play dead or eject water from their bladder if disturbed. There is no set age a kitten should have cat grass, however. Last week, my cat was spooked by a skunk she saw through the patio door. They are for flying insects-not fleas. Purchase a closed litter box, the kind that looks like a little house with an opening or a flap door. Cats that have been fixed are less likely to do this (but they still might).

“unfixed males spray to mark their territory, and unfixed women spray to let tomcats know they are ready [to mate] defeo stated. Brice prairie conservation has had good results spacing boxes 200 yards apart. In the winter, when i can't have my cat repellent plant outside i spray my garden with jeyes fluid. "if the cat has been declawed, stepping into and digging in cat litter might be painful, so she will seek out a softer substrate. Poor diet and limited exercise are the main causes of weight gain. We need our puppy to learn that being in the crate is nice and relaxing, not just a way to get a guaranteed treat.

The polymorph reaches the end of her life cycle after implanting the eggs, and lister and the cat kill the offspring after the cat gives birth to them. Eating foods you are allergic to, such as milk or wheat, also can inflame your blood vessels, increasing your risk for nose bleeds. Do fabric protectors really work. In nightvision everyone’s eyeballs glows or have a ‘other worldly look’. Ammonia will act to neutralise the acid in the urine.   well, the results were so fast and so complete, when i looked for the injury the morning after, i couldn’t find it anywhere. : studies of the effects of capsaicin on human physiology, anecdotal experience with field use of pepper spray, and controlled exposure of correctional officers in training have shown adverse effects on the lungs, larynx, middle airway, protective reflexes, and skin.

Veterinary professionals don't defend ourselves enough. That being said, if you are interested to know how to get slime out of carpet, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll let you know some of […]. It’s a continuing reaction. Aren’t those people toilet trained. Well, went to a couple pet shops and only found comfort zone product, which has feliway in it. Before coming here and it always ended in me being dumped. Vinyl flooring is also often referred to as resilient flooring.

These prescriptions usually last for six to eight weeks. There’s evidence that this association may also be applicable to cats, dogs, and other animals. If a biopsy is taken you may feel a slight pinch. She also defecates and urinates during their fights. Across the board, it seems the quality of this strain varies, as well as opinions of it:. N i'm not certain that anyone has smelled or documented the odor of fish eggs other than those of caviar, which are said to smell like a 'sea breeze'; although that's not very descriptive if you've never smelled the sea.

Also, whenever tony says “well done” i usually “try it on’ to see if i get a sugar. One litter box wouldn't even fit in there. All parents must attend a parent meeting prior to being allowed to participate, and more information on these meetings will be posted towards the end of registration. How do i stop my cat from spraying everywhere. The patented formula stays on the plant up to three weeks, saving you the bother and expense of applying after every rainfall or watering.

It's very possible that his bladder muscles were weakened by his illness, and maybe even the treatment. Your home needs to be a safe haven for your child. Brother's eyes, and she screams to him, "don't look. He seemed weary throwing up but now seems to be gradually getting better. And urge them to review your complaint. In fact, over one in ten pets have some form of heart disease.

So there you have it, these are some of the main things i liked about the ebook. I contacted them and bought a rat repeller from them. Identify and remove any perceived threat or source of stress to the cat   and make it feel more secure in its home territory. As you might have read or heard in the news, more of their reported infestations occurred in houses and apartments. Caused by kidney failure and the cat needs emergency treatment. White distilled vinegar is also effective in removing heavy smoke odors following a kitchen or other small household fire. These are usually found in health stores and. Reward your cat when it scratches on the post. From pregnancy, illness, parasitism, or medications (steroids). Add an air purifier or humidifier in your home.

It works by actually removing the material that’s causing the bad oder (not just covering it up). We then treat the area with a carpet conditioner and agitate the carpet to properly remove stains. Which bring us to our next example of broken felines. Avoid exercise, strenuous activity and heavy lifting for up to six weeks. Based on reviews from amazon customers, odor lockers fresh scent clumping cat litter and fresh step premium scoopable clumping cat litter are the best at controlling cat urine odor. We cleaned it up extremely thoroughly (baking soda for two weeks, urine destoryer, resolve, etc.

I live in australia so am able to find kangaroo meat and such from the supermarket, so we mix that with water (more on hot days and lukewarm water on cold days, your cat out in the wild would eat meat that is body temperature). Sharing food bowls and grooming with not transmit the virus. Time magazine penned it as one of the top ten movies of 2017. I didn’t try any, and although many others did, i do not recall what they thought of it, or if they even voiced an opinion. Without healthy serotonin levels we can feel depressed, have trouble sleeping, feel anxious or even have a hyperactive mind. Insecticide-free and offer long lasting protection against flies and other flying insects in your home. Since you will be spraying this on your hair and not on your skin, it's not as much of an issue, but to be on the safe side, you might want to do it.

The tiller’s 4-cycle engine relies on its carburetor to combine the right mix of gas and air, and keep that engine running smoothly. You may see dead worms in the cat's stool, but there is no need to be alarmed since it is quite normal. After any and all gratuitous sex or boob scenes (we made this rule before we even saw the movie, britney may be a trashy ho with no real talent but at least you can't count on her to deliver sex appeal). This blog is not written or edited by boston. After the pregnancy is confirmed, you need to decide what is best for your cat going forward. When sulfuric acid is excreted into the urine, it lowers the ph of the urine.

Life's a "breeze" with the new litter box system by purina & tidy cat. One thing to keep in mind before choosing the best cat litter for odor control is that the urine and feces in a cat’s box can be harmful to people. She can use her toes to scratch her nose, as seen in rex dies. Electronic mouse killer - makes a clean kill and allows easy disposal of the body. (the legs will be getting the benefit of weight bearing exercise by virtue of carrying the body.

Detergents leave clothes with a very intense white fluorescence which may. Geriatric cats are especially prone to both diabetes and kidney disease, so take note. A few years ago i started by.   they can cut it to fit easily.

Best Cat Litter For Urine Odor

Maybe he just prefers it that way. If you experience severe pain over the biopsy area or notice blood in your urine, you should report back to your doctor. Devote an entire series of prints, called elles, to life inside a brothel (1984. E) degree of pasture contamination which will vary from each pasture. Potential for cure is favorable through amputation of the affected limb since the metastatic potential in cats is low. For cats can provide the right amount of care that accompanies regular brushing. The ammonia odor in cat urine, despite the best marketing campaign of the litter manufacturer, is strong. Collar, or a spritz of lavender.

Truth… i don’t usually include the grumpy old lady on plans for vacation. Sure sign that they were sick. Skin breakdown is also a big consideration. Want the “kicker” for this thing. While treating utis without antibiotics is certainly a future possibility, for now, they remain the most effective standard treatment. Durvet nu-stock ointment is used as a topical solution for typical skin irritations, including itching, mange, ear mites, ringworm, swelling, loss of hair due to constant scratching and chewing, wounds, bruises, and burns. The sims 4 cats & dogs introduces the. Examples of common kitty stressors include:.

Some cats are quite happy to entertain themselves, other cats thrive on human companionship and if they don’t receive the attention they crave they may meow excessively. We have had skunks dig up several thousand dollars worth of damage to a yard in just one night. There are also various performances and special events within the larger event, too. The above diseases should also help deter anyone who is interested in a pet raccoon, because of the health hazards involved. If it is chronic, but you have few other. Generally, s/he probably won't like to be held during the sub-q process. Older cats tend to develop. Ps her pee today was brown. Working with one eye at a time, dip a cotton ball in the salt water solution, and gently wipe at the encrusted area of your cat’s eye.

If this happens, the fluids will still be absorbed and your cat will not be in any pain or discomfort. 2 days ago she began drinking again but still won't eat, not even tuna. Many cat litter manufacturers mix silica gel crystals with their clay litters calling it a “blend” of crystals, but 100% silica gel crystals provides superior adsorption of cat urine, eliminating urine odors and providing the best management of cat litter pan odors. Blockage leading to painful elimination, constipation, uti etc. Whether it is primal hunting instinct, entertainment or just wanting to be a part of things, it really doesn’t hurt anything for your cat to watch the toilet flush. Your cat will still be able to smell the urine, which tells the cat that it's a good spot to urinate. ' he selected a test tube from the end of the rack; it shone slightly pink in the artificial light. And giving it to him. 4 – try keeping your pet’s bedding clean.

A soft cloth placed in the mixture is used to blot the affected area. The first telltale sign is pain when you pee.   i’d just be grateful for the additional clean clothes. Do they need inoculations like other cats. While older cats may struggle to recover, there is a good chance that the bladder problem will subside if caught at an early stage. The estrogen during each heat causes further changes in the uterus. You've found the nest and are dressed to kill. Campaign manager’s cat killed, spray-painted “liberal”. You have a paranoia surrounding the smell that you are possibly making yourself think that the smell is still there or.

Conversely, behavior may be the underlying cause of inappropriate urination in and of itself. The basic rule is 50% of vinegar and 50% of water. What is the advantage to this in florida. And this lady comes along shilling something that could make her cats ill (she's broke, let's not give the lady more bills, people, c'mon. The minimum size for a litter box is 22” x 16. Who'da knew the buddah do to me what it's done. The most common ones are made of clay enhanced with deodorizing chemicals.

In addition to fipronil, frontline plus for dogs contains a secondary ingredient, called (s)-methoprene, which is a juvenile insect hormone that acts as a regulator, killing eggs and larvae to stop the next generation of pests from reaching adulthood. That those smelling it will think i have a grow room in my house. I would try club soda or vinegar. I strictly have ponytails as houseplants because i live in wisconsin and thus limits my tropical outdoors. Or because they are cat's. If you use an enzyme, you are going to be leaving the enzyme in the carpet and letting it dry naturally.

  the disease is degenerative and only gets worse. Birds may find your porch lights an ideal place where they can rest or build a nest, especially in springtime. They are all reasons fucking reasons for human to do what they think it’s right. Our sensitive solutions division offers natural, chemical-free. Common reasons for this problem are urinary tract infection, interstitial cystitis, feline lower urinary tract disease (male cats), kidney disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism. I have a lower back ache that seems to not want to go away either.

I also tried white vinegar and i tried essential oils. Scoe 10x instructions state that all previously treated spots should be completely cleansed of any prior treatments before applying the solution (according to instructions, the old cleaners will reduce or negate the effectiveness of scoe 10x). It is also important that the tray is cleaned daily, changing the sand completely once a week, placing it in quiet places and that it is easily accessible so your cat can enter it easily. Sprinkle bicarb over it and then use soapy sponge if you leave bicarb on its own it draws out the smell and then rinse it with soapy water do again if needed. It is the right thing to do. Relying on hamfisted moralization, i never felt like i was making real human decisions. Also, it’s unhealthy for a cat to step on soiled litter, so it is safe to change it completely. You don’t have to worry about the unpleasant smell coming from the grass. Any fleas that are brought into the house by pets.

There are 125 (or more) otc products listed containing this ingredient. How much does he drink. How long does codeine stay in urine. Tradition of 'first footing' on new year's eve is well known. In my case, the most recent comfortable stage was the litter box. The best spot to give. 3]you are not crazy or dirty,in most people's cases i have read u are ill and need help. Kidney diseases: our kidneys are one of the most efficient organs in human body.

Why are they not tending to their own pets needs. , grabbing and grooming the cat, the dog pouncing on the cat, etc. If you have a cat that fires litter all over the place, i suggest you purchase one of the litter box “houses” that will further help keep the litter localized. Spayed female cat pees on bed. I am constantly washing and cleaning up after her. Even the best trained cats will occasionally miss the litterbox, and cat urine odors are tough to get rid. Let’s talk about dry cat food for urinary health.

Humanity and mortality into them and we actually see ourselves at our own. We did the candles, coffee grounds, incense, and the baking soda on the carpet which all seemed to help. The founder and president of cats international, gathered old wooden fence. Clean that couch instead of throwing it out. 9% of patients) – similar to a port flip, a port dislocation means that your port has moved from its original location. So when you got only one cat, you should place two litter boxes. This is a great option to help your cat learn to cope with their environment and their surroundings. Protective clothing requirements are often listed on product labels or a pesticide’s msds. Otherwise, you can add 3-5 drops of essential oil to about a teaspoon of a base oil such as v-6 or jojoba oil.

The horrifying reality is that a pregnant female cat and her descendants can account for the births of several hundred kittens in just a few years. You will find various flea collars accessible in the marketplace. Do not leave a constipated cat too long before seeing the vet - it could be a sign of something far more serious than just a passing bout of constipation. Depression of the central nervous system is typical of ethanol poisoning -- expressed as drowsiness, lack of coordination or loss of consciousness. That a higher concentration of crystals will be present in the urine. Last may it moved to 2. How long can someone go without water. Just throwing cats together and hoping for the best is not recommended. " she bit on her lower lip. Weak bones: walking, running, and engaging in other weight-bearing activities lead to stronger, denser bones.

The most common reasons your cat or kitten may be urinating or defecating outside of their litter box are:. Cats can also perceive things that we can’t, so a high-pitched sound that doesn’t bother us, may bother them and cause them fear around the litter box. I have found that the best thing to remove red wine from carpet is a product that is available for sale called wine b'gone stain remover spray. For clumping litter, this can be done less often (usually once every three to four weeks). Given that marking is frequently a sign of feline anxiety and stress, consult with your veterinarian about anxiety control medications. I've called the council who has informed me that basically "cats roam/deal with it". If it's a case of not having enough money to pay for the procedure then i can see that being an issue but there are some alternatives in certain cities where it can be done for reduced fee by non profit agencies or maybe even waived entirely.

It’s important to understand why cats scratch. The mixture is then dried to a powder form. Just keep your beady eye on her and if you even see her going near the curtains, distract her, don’t shout cause cats won’t understand that. It's always a great idea to have a prepared list of questions to ask at every veterinary visit. The performance used to be great: so smell, easy to scoop.

Once again thanks for this site and for replying 🙂. "  the jackal looked down, and fenrir took over the story. Did not get that information. In the mean time get an enzyme cleaner (natures miracle, kids n pets (. You can soak it into carpet, furniture, etc.

I'm talking about a place where we all, in reality or in our mind, have visited to seek embracement and unity with the great green mother of all.